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Oct '12

October 12 newsletter

Introducing Light Gives Heat


One of the things that’s always been really important to us at Tangle is to support women. We’ve always carried yarn from companies that support women in different countries as well as yarn from local women. Because of our desire to support women around the world, we are really excited to partner with Light Gives Heat! LGH is a local organization that has been supporting over 100 women in Africa for over 5 years. By supporting cottage industry crafts LGH is able to bring fashion-forward jewelry to the West. We’re thrilled to carry a selection of LGH jewelry and bags and we think you’ll be thrilled with our very affordable selection! What better way to support an amazing organization than buying jewelry?!!


The Good Samaritan Clinic

Good Samaritan Clinic

Another project that Tangle has partnered with is the Good Samaritan Clinic.  Click here to read a letter from Allison about the clinic. 


We’re really excited…

…about being able to partner with these two organization! We hope that you will take the time to look into them too!
Happy Crafting!Allison & ChristinaPS: You should see all the new yarn and fabric! The shelves are loaded!



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