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Apr '08


Carrie is an old knitter with a renewed interest. She started knitting again about five years ago. “The new fibers and colors continue to call to me, therefore I am constantly trying to work off my yarn debt. (This arrangement seems to amuse Allison and Christina.)” she says.

Her number one knitting tip is to use a crochet hook to pick up dropped stitches, “I continue to use needles instead – consequently I split stitches. I need to just get up and find the hook!”

Carrie’s favorite stitch is an increase because her projects are always growing. Her favorite sock method is always evolving. She learned on double points but “Allison goaded me into magic loop (top down, two at at time).” And now she is learning the toe up method. She thinks the latter will be the winner.

Carrie says about Tangle: “I love the girls who own this store. Service is their priority and both Allison and Christina are available to help. This store also has a wonderful just-drop-in-and-knit-with-us attitude. Many times knitters are gathered around the table – not just for classes – but for the camaraderie.”

We’re proud to have Carrie be a part of Tangle and this blog!

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