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Apr '10


Jackie started knitting about 3 years ago after wandering into a lovely little yarn boutique in Salt Lake City.  All of the amazing colors and textures of yarn really spoke to her and drew her in!

She says: “I am self-taught and therefore have taken a little longer to progress in my knitting.  But, I am hooked nonetheless.”  Her favorite people to knit for are her two amazing (and cute!)  little boys (ages 5 and 1).  “Kid clothes are so satisfying to knit, as they knit up so quickly!” she says.   She is always on the hunt for unique, hand-dyed cotton yarn, as her boys tend to shun animal fibers.

Jackie is excited to take her knitting to the next level by teaching classes at Tangle starting Summer 2010. Her favorite stitch is K2P2 ribbing (so stretchy!  and she agrees with Christina about the color orange.

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